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10 Small Business Ideas for Women in 2024

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Have you always wanted to start your own business and are looking for the best ventures that women can undertake? You’ve come to the correct place if your response to this question was “yes!”

Women-owned businesses make up one in five of all businesses with $1 million or more in revenue, and as of 2017, their sales totaled $1.7 trillion. A growing number of women are searching for novel approaches to land a satisfying job, and for many of them, that entails going it alone and launching their own companies. 

Thus, here is a list of the top concepts for launching your own business in 2024 if you’re among those who want to quit your full-time job permanently or are just looking to supplement your income from a brick-and-mortar or home-based business

Here are the list of 10 Business Ideas for Women in 2024

1. Freelance photographer

Being a freelance photographer is a highly desirable business ability. If you’re skilled in photography or have always wanted to learn the art, you can find employment shooting images for companies all over the world.

The average pay for freelance photographers ranges from $25 to $100 per hour.

2. Interior designer

If you have a good eye for design, you can launch your own interior design company. When people visit your house and always leave with compliments, it indicates that you have good taste and decorating skills. Thus, make use of them and provide online or in-person interior design consulting. 

3. Yoga instructor

The pandemic increased demand for at-home workouts and made it easier than ever to become certified as a yoga or pilates instructor (online certification courses are available!). 

So, teaching yoga can be a great business idea if you’re interested in wellness and have a passion for it. You have three options for teaching: rent a private studio, teach in the studio, or teach online. 

4. Jewelry brand

Are you passionate about jewelry? Do you often receive compliments on the jewelry you wear and could spend hours looking for the perfect necklace? After that, you might think about launching a jewelry line. One option is to enroll in a course and learn how to make jewelry on your own. Alternatively, you could continue just with design and hire experts to handle the production.

5. A personal trainer

If you enjoy working out and going to the gym, you could become a certified personal trainer. Most countries make certification relatively simple, and you can begin by obtaining clients through friends and family until you establish a steady clientele. 

Depending on the clientele and area, a personal trainer’s pay can range from $25 to thousands of dollars an hour. 

6. Nutritionist

Although becoming a certified nutritionist may require more time, it’s a fantastic career choice if you enjoy eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle. You can work with clients in person or virtually by referring them to friends and family. 

7. Stylist

What better way to express your love of fashion than by opening your own styling company? Since many people seek out styling guidance, you can begin by providing free consultations until you establish a solid reputation. 

8. Make-up artists

Becoming a makeup artist is another idea for a business related to beauty. Makeup artists work without a certificate, but if you’d like, you can obtain one from any beauty school. Begin by applying makeup on your friends and family to obtain recommendations. 

9. Personal chef

In big cities, where working professionals don’t have time to cook but still want wholesome, delectable food, personal chefs are growing in popularity. Working with locals, you can find clients through friends and family. 

10. Esthetician

The US beauty market is valued at more than $500 billion. Additionally, there is a yearly increase in demand for various beauty treatments. If you’re passionate about skincare, you might want to think about becoming a certified esthetician and starting your own salon.

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