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Can AI create better business ideas than humans?

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Can AI Be More Innovative Than Humans?

A heated debate has raised revolving around,  can artificial intelligence (AI) generate ideas that outperform those of humans, with crucial implications for the way businesses encourage innovation. 

The ChatGPT advancement:

In a 2023 study, AI model ChatGPT demonstrated outstanding creativity by generating novel product ideas than MBA students from an elite university. 

The result was determined by calculating “purchase intent” among a sample of target customers. The results, which were published in Ideas are Dimes a Dozen, reveal that AI was also responsible for the majority of the “best” ideas (top 10%).

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The Confront of Novelty:

The novelty factor is crucial because many of society’s simpler problems have been solved. Businesses would typically prefer to have one exceptional idea over ten merely “decent” ones. Societies and businesses alike require ground-breaking solutions to complicated problems. While acknowledging this, the authors of Ideas are Dimes a Dozen contend that if AI can produce a large number of ideas compared to humans, the likelihood of discovering one truly outstanding idea rises.

One of The Crowdless Future’s authors? Make the following claim: “AI will assist you in making ideas more manageable, scalable, accessible, and profitable. It will assist you in fine-tuning and clarifying the specifics. However, it is not yet capable of producing ground-breaking concepts in intricate fields. For that, humans still have an advantage and a unique capacity. This is due to the fact that AI models yield the “statistically most probable” answers rather than the rarest ones since they are built on the recombination of concepts from their training models. Therefore, our objective is to work with AI to balance value and novelty.

The Power of AI-led ideation:

Ideas Are Dimes a Dozen author says: “I have no trouble referring to ChatGPT’s ideas as original.” It involves more than just copying and pasting content from other people’s websites. Rather than that, it’s looking for a melody or beat that it can riff on, much like a jazz musician. The AI searched for information about consumer product ideas, successful experiences, and the difficulties of the target market in his study. It then combined these sources to generate new ideas.

According to Terwiesch, “Originality does not always translate into quality, but the volume of data it has been trained on makes it incredibly useful.”

Comparable to a jazz musician, ChatGPT is trying to find a melody or beat that it can riff on.

AI tools for idea generation are already being used by numerous businesses in a variety of industries. For example, AI-based tools to support idea generation and development are available from Ideanote, Google AI, IBM Watson, and 365 Microsoft Copilot employs natural language prompts as another tool for idea generation and creative process acceleration.

The Future of AI: How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape Tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like a clever friend that keeps you getting smarter and more helpful every day. But what’s next for AI? Let’s take a peek into the future and see how AI might change our world.

1. AI Everywhere

AI will be all around us, like air or sunshine. AI will make our lives easier and safer, from smart homes that adjust temperature when you walk in, to cars that can drive themselves. It’s like having a personal assistant that’s always there to lend a hand.

2. Jobs of Tomorrow

AI isn’t here to steal our jobs; it’s here to create new ones. As AI takes care of repetitive tasks, humans can focus on more creative and meaningful work. Think of doctors using AI to diagnose illnesses faster or artists collaborating with AI to create breathtaking masterpieces. The future job market will be full of exciting opportunities thanks to AI.

3. Smarter Learning

Learning will never be the same with AI. Imagine having a tutor who knows exactly how you learn best and adapts lessons just for you. AI will revolutionize education, making it more personalized and accessible to everyone, no matter where they are in the world.

5. Ethical AI

Just like teaching good manners to a child, we need to teach AI to be ethical. We must make sure AI treats everyone fairly and respects privacy that a good point to note. It’s essential to keep ethics at first priority to make a better world for all us in AI future.

6. AI and the Environment

Saving the planet is a big job, but AI is up for the challenge. AI can help us protect our home for future generations from optimizing energy usage to predicting natural disasters. We can work towards a greener and more sustainable world by taking AI assistance.

7. AI for Everyone

In the future, AI won’t be just for tech wizards; it’ll be for everyone. AI will be there to lend a hand and make your life better and easier, whether you’re a farmer, a teacher or a chef. AI will empower us all to achieve more and live happier lives.

8. Human Touch

Even as AI becomes more advanced, but the human touch will remain irreplaceable that’s the interesting.AI can makes our life easier but can’t replace human emotions. AI can help us, but it can’t replace the warmth of a hug or the empathy of a friend.


The future of AI is shine like stars and full of possibilities. AI will be our trusted companion in the journey ahead from revolutionizing industries to improve our daily lives. We can create a future where everyone prosper by using AI responsibly and ethically. So let’s welcome AI with open arms and together, shape a tomorrow that’s brighter than we ever imagined.

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