Survey Reveals 100% of Digital Agencies Are Using AI

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Survey Reveals 100% of digital agencies are using AI in their workflows, but they are also concerned about keeping up with the rate of innovation.

Duda revealed survey results that showcase a strong enthusiasm among digital agencies for greater AI incorporation in 2024. The survey, gathering input from more than 200 leaders within digital agencies, emphasizes their anticipation of increased efficiencies driven by AI, particularly in the realm of AI-powered content capabilities. Nevertheless, the findings highlight a widespread concern among these agencies about keeping up with the swift pace of innovations.

Despite their optimism regarding positive results, agencies are preparing for potential hurdles. Furthermore, the survey underscores a rising interest among these agencies in utilizing AI for both code and content generation.

Embracing AI for cost savings makes numerous companies optimistic about the transformative effects it will have on workflows and the scalability of business processes.

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Agency Adoption Of AI Is 100%

An interesting insight in the report indicates 100% adoption rate of AI among all surveyed agencies. Additionally, there’s a general trend of apprehension regarding the challenge of staying abreast of rapid innovations.

According to Duda:

“Although surveys show 100% of agency owners have adopted AI and are experiencing cost-saving benefits through AI-driven efficiencies, there remains a prevalent worry about staying up-to-date on AI advancements in 2024 amid the evolving digital landscape.

A substantial 84% of agencies express apprehension about keeping up with AI advancements in 2024, with 58% having slight concerns and 26% deeply concerned. Merely 16% of agency leaders exhibit no worry regarding this matter.”

2024 Outlook: Anticipated Savings Through AI Advancements

Agencies highlight improvements in efficiency, such as quicker turnarounds and lowered expenses, as significant factors driving the embrace of AI as a business tool.

Especially among larger agencies, there’s an anticipation of substantial financial gains, with expectations soaring as high as a tenfold increase compared to the previous year.

AI Spend in 2024: Content Is Key

Anticipating 2024, agencies have conveyed their intentions to invest in AI, particularly targeting content-related AI capabilities. Survey findings show that agencies aim to plan the utilization of AI for content strategy, editing, and writing to enhance and streamline the content creation process. Notably, larger agencies are adopting a proactive stance, signaling their strategic dedication to embracing AI in 2024.

Agency Sentiment and Present AI Tools

The survey revealed that agencies are currently utilizing AI tools and reaping savings, yet they harbor concerns about staying updated with upcoming AI advancements.

Survey findings indicate a strong belief that AI will notably enhance content workflows and scalability. However, there’s a divergence in opinions regarding AI’s influence on high-level decision-making. Many agency leaders express skepticism about assigning managerial-level control to AI.

Leveraging AI in Agencies

Current AI implementation has yielded positive results for digital agencies. Common AI applications include content updates and generation, although concerns have been voiced regarding scalability and data privacy.

Interestingly, the report highlights minimal apprehension regarding AI’s effect on creativity, as agencies report successes ranging from cost savings to increased client satisfaction.

Reinvestment in AI and Other in 2024

Agencies are strategizing to reinvest their savings from 2023 into AI, primarily concentrating on image creation and AI-assisted SEO.

Although code generation, UX/UI design, and translation investments are considered less pivotal than image, content, and SEO investments, their spotlight in 2024 is anticipated to remain dim.

Nonetheless, there’s a rising intrigue surrounding AI implementation for code generation this year. This burgeoning curiosity signifies a potentially noteworthy trend, suggesting an inclination toward exploring AI’s capabilities in automating and refining coding procedures.

While these aspects may not take the central stage compared to other investments, the burgeoning interest in AI for code generation hints at a possible shift, prompting agencies to delve deeper into AI’s potential for augmenting coding practices, warranting careful observation.

Results of Duda’s survey:

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