Upwork Uncover Top 10 Generative AI-Related Skills and Hires in 2023

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It is not an exaggeration to say that generative AI is widespread; consequently, it’s not surprising that companies intend to hire more people as a result of the technology. 

 Research Conducted by Upwork

Recent research conducted by Upwork has revealed that, as a result of the introduction of generative AI, the majority of hiring managers (49%) will hire more independent personnel, while the majority (49%) of full-time employees will hire more employees. The survey was conducted among 1,400 business leaders in the United States.

According to the Upwork release, This sentiment around Recruiting attitudes combined with a surge in company activity served as strong early indicators that businesses are taking generative AI extremely serious,” 

Diverse use of generative AI:

According to Dr. Kelly Monahan, managing director of the Upwork Research Institute, Public interest in generative AI revolved around the specific tool ChatGPT. As year progressed, their demand shifted from the only tool to more advanced software of generative AI. 

 Monahan further emphasized, “They are searching for the diverse use cases of generative AI technologies like AI content creation, machine learning web app development services like Gradio and Prompt Engineering.

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Top 11 generative AI-related searches by companies:

These are the top 10 generative AI-related searches by companies from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2023, on Upwork.

  1. ChatGPT.
  2. BERT.
  3. Stable Diffusion.
  4. TensorFlow.
  5. AI chatbot.
  6. Generative AI.
  7. Image processing.
  8. PyTorch.
  9. Natural language processing.
  10. Bard
  11. Gemini

Fastest-growing generative AI-related searches:

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These are the fastest-growing generative AI-related searches on Upwork in the same timeframe (Q2 2023 vs. Q1 2023).

  1. AI content creation.
  2. Gradio.
  3. Azure OpenAI.
  4. Convolutional neural network.
  5. Large language models.
  6. Generative AI.
  7. AI chatbot.
  8. Midjourney.
  9. Prompt engineering.
  10. PyTorch

Top 10 gen AI-related projects clients hired on Upwork

These are the top 10 generative AI-related projects clients hired freelancers for in the first half of 2023.

  1. ChatGPT.
  2. Natural language processing.
  3. TensorFlow.
  4. Image processing.
  5. PyTorch.
  6. AI content creation.
  7. Midjourney.
  8. AI chatbot.
  9. Model tuning.
  10. Stable Diffusion.

In the first half of 2023, Upwork reported witnessing, ”a growing supply of independent talent with generative AI skills” among freelancers; in the previous year alone, more than 20,000 projects involving AI were completed by independent professionals on the platform.

Until the second quarter of 2023, the business observed, it did not notice interest in particular skills like prompt engineering, which is the process of creating prompts to elicit responses from the language model.

Generative AI-related skills on talent profiles:

These are the generative AI-related skills listed on Upwork talent profiles with the largest quarter-over-quarter growth (Q2 2023 vs. Q1 2023).

  1. Large language model.
  2. Generative AI.
  3. You Only Look Once.
  4. Object detection.
  5. Stable Diffusion.
  6. Prompt engineering.
  7. ChatGPT.
  8. Azure OpenAI.
  9. AI chatbot.
  10. AI text-to-speech.

As Upwork has observed in the past, Independent talent is still at the cutting edge of emerging technologies. The company stated that in order to give businesses the specialized knowledge and in-depth comprehension of artificial intelligence principles, techniques, algorithms, and methodologies needed to realize the potential of generative AI fully, freelancers are “quickly recognizing, learning and mastering” skills.

Embrace the Power of Generative AI:

Monahan recommended, “Companies and professionals should adopt a generative AI plus mentality in their work”.Integrating generative AI in the workflow can enhance both creativity and productivity & reduce time span.

For writers, discover how to effectively use AI content creation tools; for creative professionals, understand how to utilize tools such as Adobe’s Firefly for quick fixes or edits.

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