WhatsApp brings a new secret button; should you be upset?

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WhatsApp has added a super-secret little button to its app, which you may have missed. We think daily communications should be a lot easier now that 

New features are regularly added to WhatsApp as updates are made available. 

Meta Instant Messaging is constantly evolving, with both small UI tweaks and new features added. To the point where you occasionally don’t know where to turn! Some changes are so small that you might not notice them. 

This may also apply to the small grey arrow in the “You” section of the app, which is next to your profile in Settings. Depending on how your smartphone displays the app’s interface, it may also appear green. 

It looks to be finally available to as many people as possible and offers features that the vast majority of users have long desired, despite its gradual distribution since the end of October! However, what is its purpose?

This arrow can be used to add a new account to your smartphone or to switch to another WhatsApp account. If you use two WhatsApp accounts—one for personal use and the other for business—this is extremely helpful. It is required that you duplicate the app or use WhatsApp for one account and WhatsApp Business for the other. Put simply, it was not feasible!

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You can now set up multiple WhatsApp accounts in the same app and on the same phone thanks to the menu. The data from each account stays on your device until you log out. It helps you manage alerts efficiently, maintain your privacy, and switch between accounts without using a different app!

Kindly pay attention to the following explanations! As of right now, you are limited to adding one additional account, even though the feature is named Multiple Accounts. You also need a smartphone that supports dual SIM cards and a second phone line with its own SIM card and phone number to create this second account. 

The one-time access code that WhatsApp sends to you via SMS will be received on this line. The programme won’t function for both accounts without requiring you to log in and out each time after this initial check.

If so, all you need to do to create this second account is go to the “You” page or use the available menu (located behind the three tiny dots) to access WhatsApp settings, then click the well-known little arrow that appears to the right of your name in the box that appears.

At the bottom of the screen, select Add Account, then proceed with the instructions that display. It’s important to remember that you can change the notification and privacy settings separately for each account. To put it briefly, it’s a very helpful tool that was long overdue!


WhatsApp’s introduction of a ‘secret button’ raises valid concerns about privacy and transparency. Users might understandably feel uneasy about undisclosed features potentially compromising their data security. While innovation is commendable, the lack of clarity around this button’s functionality prompts warranted skepticism. It underscores the need for clearer communication from tech companies about updates and their implications. Users should advocate for greater transparency and accountability to ensure their privacy remains protected. Ultimately, the conversation around this new feature serves as a reminder for users to stay informed, question changes, and demand transparency from platforms handling their personal information.

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